photo by Rishio

photo by Rishio

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Created everywhere from her studio to the very walls of a conference room, Melanie Ida Chopko’s portraits and illustrations mix fine art and content to both delight and inspire.

Clients include Instagram, Visa, TEDxBerkeley, AribaLIVE, Nutanix, Accenture, Disney, and Her favorite recent projects include to translating a business merger into a river map for employees (complete with deer!) and set of thirty portraits of top social media stars.

Her work has been used to support conversations on business strategy, digital tools, transforming education, the clean energy economy, and women's leadership. A graduate of Eugene Lang College, The New School, Melanie holds an interdisciplinary degree in cultural studies and visual art. She writes and plays music, creates watercolors, and often spends Sundays sitting alongside the ocean.

You can learn more about her music and songwriting, here.